Huzzy | Feel free to shape your own sex life.

Huzzy x Bokoesam 12 pack

  • Rap artists are known to rap about sex regularly. However, very few rap about safe sex and Bokoesam breaks that stigma.
  • Together with Bokoesam we make condoms cool again and we do this with his own vegan 12-pack.
  • Collect the 5 different kamasutra cards inspired by Bokoesam and discover your personal favourite position.

Our Mission

  • Equality and Inclusivity | Huzzy

    Equality and Inclusivity

    We should be free in deciding how we shape our own sex lives. That’s why we strive for equal sexual relations for everyone, because love is for all.

  • Sexual Health | Huzzy

    Sexual Health

    We are here to tell you to love every little part of yourself. Because you don’t just have some body, you really are somebody.

  • Sustainability | Huzzy


    By using vegan materials, minimizing plastic and air freight, we aim to reduce the environmental impact of our products.


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